American made

Our designs are deeply rooted in the history and stories that make up the places, organizations, and people that each represents. Licensed University images, corporate logos, and custom designs turn public and private spaces into gorgeous, branded environments.
The cornerstones of these designs are the American artisans who create them. Their heritage and skill origins may span the globe, but their studios, mills, and homes are now here. We are proud to partner with these fine American companies.


Our American mills take pride in the generations of weavers who have maintained the craft as an American standard, producing textiles that rival any in the world. From elegant jacquards, to highly detailed plaids, to casual cotton blends - their historic origins may be global, but they are now beautifully woven here, to our specifications. We are able to create any design, in an endless array of colors, textures and finishes, to fit any application. The result is a one-of-a-kind space that honors beloved schools, showcases iconic business logos, or displays any customized pattern desired. All designs are the exclusive property of Alma Mater Designs LLC and the Universities and companies we are licensed with.

For inquiries on our custom design service, please contact us.

Furniture Frames, Finishes & Upholstery

Our finely crafted furniture is produced by a family-owned company that has become a leader in their industry. They create all of our pieces one at a time, with personal attention to every detail of each order. Special artisans oversee each step of the process, including frame design, construction, upholstery, and all of the additional specifications of custom wood finishes, nail head trim, and construction options.


The rich character of upholstery crafted by a century-old American leather tannery, gives furniture unparalleled character with custom colors and finishes that allow for unique applications, both residential and commercial. The one-of-a-kind nature of leather upholstery creates pieces that are crisp and contemporary, or that have the patina and feel of broken-in age.

Accessory Construction Details

Our accent pieces are also manufactured by family-owned American companies, whose areas of expertise help define our upscale selection of licensed products that are completely unique to the market. Whether it is fine embroidery, custom applique work, engraving, or other methods of craftsmanship utilized to depict iconic images, logos and patterns, their skills help bring each design to a higher level of quality and detail.
alma mater fabric detail